I am a kindergarten teacher on the mid-coast. two years ago we started tapping the trees on campus..huge sugar maples that have not been tapped since the school started 41 years ago. We are slowly gathering supplies but I am trying to spread the word..if there are big producers or even if you have any extra or used equipment that you could donate to our program..that would be awesome. Currently we use mostly milk jugs and a home made 55 gallon drum evaporator, with that we made 13 gallons of syrup last year. Not bad, but I want it to be better. Please spread the word, we do have some money to spend.

Here is our evaporator on the playground...you can check out our process at...http://www.bugsmudbooksandsticks.com...-n-school.html

Thanks a lot and ask around for me. I will travel to pick up donated supplies.