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Thread: Maine maple Sunday Breakfast

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    Default Maine maple Sunday Breakfast

    We are trying to put together a menu for Maine maple Sunday. What are you all doing and what are you charging?
    Thanks Brian
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    Default Sat. Maple Breakfast.

    We have a breakfast on Saturday of the maple weekend here in Skowhegan. It's from 7-10 and it's on the island between the bridges in the middle of town in Skowhegan. Come check it out! I would like to tell you what the recipe is for the pancakes, but I think I would be killed. It's a secret that the Veilleux's have guarded jealously for about 10 years now. We also have fresh sausage from the farmer's market, fruit and of course real maple syrup from Strawberry Hill Farms. The admission is $7 or $8 dollars I think. Cheaper for kiddos.
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