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Thread: Northeast Ohio?

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    How do you know when to pull your taps? I don't want to ruin the syrup seasoned in my evaporator. I started to get a little cloudy sap on Tuesday when it hit 70 degrees. The syrup has just changed into A Dark syrup and still tastes good.
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    telltale signs are:

    cloudy sap
    budding trees
    tastes metallic, or buddy
    you can hear spring peeper frogs by ponds
    ropey or snotty sap coming out of tubing into collection tank (bacteria developing quickly)
    just do it until theres 5-7 days of above freezing lows ... which is.. about now

    i personally dont stop until i have several gallons of B or C since i use that to brew beer (jacks up gravity and makes a good porter or stout). you know when your making that because the taste is bitter. . . great for cooking too, and smoking ribs!

    i will try to get 1 or 2 more boils, then im done.
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    Please don't let the peepers cross the state line for at least a week! Looking forward to blowing the doors off last years numbers this coming week.
    There is not a bud in site on the hard maples. We just had a big rain and cold front come through. Setting things up for a strong ending to a slow start. Maybe those new spouts and drop lines will pay for themselves yet?
    Got out and washed all the sap containers yesterday. Cleaning the front pan now. Picked up a new grading kit (the one with the three new grades) So all our dark syrup will now be medium
    To date we have hauled in 10700 gallons of sap and made around 220 gallons more or less. Half of that was made in the last week!
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    Chris way to go! Our sugars show no sign of swelling buds. However some of the silvers are just about in full bloom just today. I didn't tap any this year so no big deal. Hope to have a real good run Sunday, we'll see. My goal is 330 gallons.
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    I just pulled the plug. I was hoping for one more run, but I checked my pans today they were full of slime. It was so thick it wouldn't even go thru my strainer. From what I've read I'm guessing this is "ropey" syrup? That is some nasty stuff. I guess I still have a few things to learn. I finished the season with just over 18 gallons. I was counting on the pans to push me over 20. Not too bad for my second year.
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