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Thread: Flying with Syrup?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newfvt View Post
    Whoa boy - hold on - High Security Alert!!!. The belt came to a grinding halt. Agents descended on my carry on. "Glove up boys, we got ourselves a live one here!"
    While your post may have been made in jest, I personally am happy when the system works. In this case, you had an undeclared liquid that was not in the required quart-size bag (to limit total volume and thus the damage potential of any explosion) and not exposed to the view to the inspectors. Given that some explosives can be made in liquid form, and some are shock sensitive (so they need not be set off in any way other than smashing the bottle...no lighting a fuse or setting off an electrical detonation charge required), my personal opinion is that you did the wrong thing and the inspectors absolutely did the right thing. Given that it is unlikely that any terrorist would put such a liquid explosive in a container labeled "liquid explosive", the inspectors have to treat any infraction, even if it is a liquid in a container labeled as something else (gee, sorry about that explosion and the deaths of the 200 passengers and crew....but they told me it was just maple syrup and I believed them), as a possible threat. Yes, it may seem like overkill, but better to seem a little silly than to find out otherwise at 35,000 ft going at 500mph. Instead, your mistake only inconvenienced the 20 passengers in line behind you because the inspectors were doing what they were supposed to do (since you hadn't).

    When I do something stupid (like leaving a small multitool with a knife in my briefcase), my reaction is not to criticize the inspectors, but rather to apologize to them for causing the trouble and thank them for doing their job properly. Their job is difficult enough.
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    Very well said Doc. It surprises me how many people complain about airport security. I have no problem spending an extra hour or so at the airport all in helping to keep me and others safe.


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    I agree, while the security is bothersome, unfortunately it has become necessary. I would be real upset if a loved on (or anyone else) were lost to a terrorist efforts because the security believed the culprit that is was "maple syrup for gift giving" and did not do any checking. If I was one who died in such an effort I like to think I'd be making syrup in heaven and not just in the inferno arch of satin.
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    Well, the syrup got the attention of the TSA. I ended up going with just plastic and I double bagged it and I packed it deep in the middle of the bag. When I got to the hotel, I realized the lock was missing from the bag. I got a little nervous and started to feel around for the syrup - it wasn't there! Just before my blood boiled over, I found it in another part of the bag with only one ziplock still on it and the bag was wide open. Fortunately, the syrup looks unopened, but the hang card got a little trashed.

    I guess the syrup did raise eyebrows. I'm glad the syrup is okay, but I'm a little annoyed they snapped the lock off and weren't very careful with the syrup. I called the airline and they basically said that they didn't have anything to do with it and that the TSA is supposed to leave a note in the bag if they have to open it. There wasn't a note.

    All in all I'm glad the syrup made it and I'm glad security is being thorough. That's what's most important. I just got my feathers ruffled from trying to do the right thing and still not doing the right thing. Maybe I should have declared what's in the bag when I check it or maybe put a sticker on the outside saying something. I actually thought of doing that, but then I didn't want to draw too much attention to the bag. I don't know.

    So, I thought I'd pass on what happened and maybe it's helpful for anyone else flying with syrup.

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    I haven't had a an issue with traveling with it but honestly I don't even lock my bags anymore I had 2 locks cut from my bags over the years and no notes either. (not that I was aware they needed to) and yes security we all hate it but agreed it is something that is now needed to protect our saftey from the crazy nut balls out there. Too bad now the rules on movie theaters are going to change next with this mess out west...your going to have to have a full cavity search to watch the next disney cartoon movie with your kids. not to change the subject but what an awful story out there!!! feel bad for those folks!!! I personally hope that guy gets everything thats coming to him. maybe a caining or something than just rotting in jail everyday!!!
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