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Thread: Looking to move to Virginia

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    I live in Southwest VA. A good number of sugar maples in certain areas. The mountains of North Carolina would be a good bet too, but land is expensive there

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    [QUOTE=Ronald;188819]Thanks for replies !

    I live near Chardon, Oh ( Maple Syrup capital of the world !!! :-) )
    but unfortunately we are bordering on the utica shale and fracking appears to be the wave of the future.

    ( I'm getting too old to move twice and peace of mind is pretty important )

    Is fracking going on in Highland county ?

    Thanks once again,

    Ronald, unless you want to move for some other reason I wouldnt move from the Maple capital of the world because of the prospect of drilling in Ohio. They are going to put in a lot more controls here since you all had the earthquake, and they are doing so much drilling in Pa the bottom is dropping out. Also the warm winter dropped gas prices so much from what they were, they are talking about slowing down. I mean yes, they are going to drill a lot, but I bet its going to slow down, or they may drill a single well and cap it to hold the leases, and not actually frack for years. They have so much land leased in Ohio it looks like they are picking the prime drilling spots, fields, open areas ect. and moving to the next one. Also, its not like if they drill one in your county it will automatically contaminate everything. Yes, something could happen, but they've been doing this for decades out west and everything isnt dead. They may not even drill near you. If your old enough not to move twice, they may not even get to you.

    Moving is your choice, and I can see wanting to move south, but don't just buy the fear hype in all the papers. There is a safe way to do this, and I'm sure the feds and the state will crack down enough to keep it under control. They've learned a lot of lessons in Pa.

    By way of full disclosure, I am a contractor for a gas co. not involved in fracking, and I do have a lease. I say drill baby drill, and lets get the cars converted to Natural gas. screw the mid east. Just be sure to get a forestry clause so if they have to cut a Maple you get paid for it.
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    Fracking is much more expensive than regular natural gas production. It will leave a mess, but there are parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio that have produced both natural gas and maple syrup for over a hundred years. I'm not saying it's such a great thing, but it seems better than mountaintop removal.
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    I'm just starting tapping in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Not alot of sugar maples in the valley, but some. The Highland County area is pretty big on production and hosts it's own festival in the spring. Great fun! http://www.highlandcounty.org/events/maple-festival/
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