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Hello folks!
How was everyone's season?

Now that its time to clean up and look for better ways to make your syrup making more efficient, I wanted to introduce GIS/GPS Services from Wildlife Specialists, LLC. I used to do this type of work on the side but am now happy to offer my full attention to this kind of service for landowners through Wildlife Specialists. W.S. always used elements of GIS prior to me joining the team, but now we are offering full GIS/GPS services to many different types of clients. We can offer all sorts of GPS collection or instruction, find ways to implement cost effective GIS for your home/office use, and print working maps, or nice display maps for your shop. There ARE ways to have GIS without breaking your bank, and we can get you fitted along with all sorts of data for you to utilize.

We also have the expertise to do complete natural resource surveys for your property. We have experts in deer management, species-specific habitat inventory, monitoring, and creation, Sugarbush improvements, invasive species eradication, and more.

If you are having a regional Maple Syrup conference or workshop, we could provide training and informational sessions as well.

Rob Schwarz
GIS Manager
Wildlife Specialists, LLC.