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Thread: St. Lawrence County

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    We spent the day finishing what was in the pans,washing tanks and putting the RO to bed. Going to work on getting the woods taken care of tomorrow. We havenít figured our gallons per yet but our last boil was on Thursday and the sap was 1.3%. Iím happy with that considering what other folks have had.
    12 x 16 shack with 8 x 16 addition
    2 x 6 D&G raised flue with hood
    Homebuilt releasers
    220 taps on vac
    100 plus taps on buckets
    Gast 1550 on gas engine
    HF vac pump on generator

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    Default St. Lawrence County

    That freeze on Tues and Wed night have me holding out for one more run. Hasnt turned buddy yet but Im worried it might since the frogs were singing last night after the thunder storm.

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    St. Lawrence County
    1-'09: 4 gal stock pot, fire pit, 3 taps
    2-'10: Pots, Kitchen Stove & Sap Selling ~110 taps
    3-'11: 8x12 Shack, 146 taps (100 buckets/46 gravity), 16"x77" evaporator (2 flat pans)
    4-'12: 8x16 expanded shack, 147 taps, Leader 2x8 dropped flu
    5-'13: Added 10x20 wood shed, 1st yr on vac
    6-'14: 175 taps, Zero Tank
    7-'15: 230 taps, H20 jacket canner, Vintage Ski Doo Elan
    8-'16: 150 taps
    9-'17: Goal - RO and 250+
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