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Thread: When to tap

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    Default When to tap

    Ok so I'm gonna try to make syrup a neighbor got me interested. I had some time over the holidays and made a barrel evaporator I'm planing on using steam table pans to boil. I don't really wanna spent to much $$ cause I'm not sure if I'm gonna like making syrup my goal is $100 so far im at about $60 $30 if u ask my wife. so I just wanna try it but I am VERY excited my question is can I tap this weekend from what I have read the conditions seem right?? So if I do and when it gets colder again do I pull the taps and put them back in the same hole in a couple weeks wen it gets warm again?? Or am i just excited and jumping the gun and should I just wait??

    Thanks for any help

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    hold on there! Even in Ohio I dont think that you are ready to be tapping long term. ONce you tap you dont pull the taps back out jsut because of the weather. the ystay in until the season is over. For the most part, the season is over once the buds on the trees start to pop. then the sap turns from sweet to sour.
    I would check around for a local producer and have a conversation with them. they will give you alot of advice in a short time. Otherwise, search this website.
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    Yeah thats the best thing you can do is wait and ask. even if there isn't a producer somewhat local to you, check your ohio maple producers assoc. (OMPA) I am sure they will be more than happy to answer a few questions about when your region usually taps that time frame can very several weeks but it all depends on the weather. but now is definitly too early. Sounds like your already doing the right thing and thats keeping that correct $$$$ amount from the wife
    may your sap be at 3%

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    Red Maples has it right about the $$ and my wife is TELLING me to buy maple stuff. I just dont tell her how much it was. BTW, anybody got a small size water jacket bottler close to me?

    Kngowods - I'm 2 counties south of you and the last 2 yrs we've tapped the 2nd and 3rd week of feb. last yr on the 18th. We are going to have winter like the last couple of days and it will all freeze solid. I know how you feel but take the next month to read this forum and others, get your buckets and taps together and get ready for that first good week of a thaw. believe me you'll be better off ready than trying to find taps when the sap is flowing good. then like ADK said tap once and leave them until the trees bud. dont want to damage your trees and be dissapointed when it does freeze. Looks like everybody on here cant wait. winter has to come, its been doing so long before we got here.
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