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Thread: where the heck is everone!!!

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    belmont new york

    Question where the heck is everone!!!

    hey i know it's just past christmas but its only about 6 weeks until it's tapping time and i don't see many excited guys out there.
    i have so much to do, new evaporator 2x4 mason with forced air, that needs to be bricked, need to buy more buckets and taps, want about 100more, i'm looking for new hauling tanks and storage tanks, probably won't get the new shack built before the season so i'll be using my second garage this year. there are so many things to do and buy, i can't wait till put that first tap in, maybe because i'm still new to this but it's like opening of deer season,which by the way was pretty bad, lots of deer but no "shooters". going this weekend to cut wood and mark more trees for tapping. this season should be interesting as most of my taps will be on a steep hill and all will be buckets and sap will be carried to to haul tank by hand. should be in good shape by april. but the real fun is hauling the sap down the hill,did i mention it's very steep and usually muddy, and not spilling or crashing.

    wake up everyone this is our preseason!!!!
    2008 700 ranger xp sap hauler/45 hp 4x4 tractor/028 super stihl
    2x4 mason hobby/blower/new for 2014 smoky lake hybrid pan
    2014 300ish buckets and still need bigger evaporator/14 x 20 square log shack
    2015 2x6 drop flue phaneuf approx. 325 buckets, 1 year older, not sure about the smarter part ?
    gets expensive in a hurry!!

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    Hey bowtie, several of us have been hanging out on a new Maple site http://www.sugarbush.info/forums/index.php
    10th year in….
    100 sap sacks...Actually, I hope to never have to use them again!
    1000' feet of 3/16th on gravity (not sure how many taps yet)
    14x14 sugar shack
    New 2x5 Hybrid Drop flue from Smoky Lake
    5" filter press from Daryl
    Sap Dog Chloe

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    never heard of it Cindy,I will be checking it out
    7th generation maple producer in sugarhouse built in 1892
    2x World Champion Maple Syrup Producer
    1250 taps on cv adapters
    Leader Vortex 3x14 with Max Flue and Revolution Syrup Pan,Enhanced Steam Away

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    Last edited by Flat Lander Sugaring; 12-29-2011 at 06:16 PM. Reason: because i can
    Business Name
    Flat Lander Sugaring (who would think a guy from Az be making syrup)
    125 on Sap Suckers
    Close to 475 High Vac
    400 gravity adding more
    leader 2x6
    home made preheater
    1 7D749 for AOF
    New FLS Tsunami Arch
    4 membrane TR Industries RO 2HP 3 phase 601GPH 250 PSI
    PID Display for Arch Temp.
    Chumlee of the trader

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flat Lander Sugaring View Post
    Say again?

    I'm with you Bowtie. Been doing something every day to hope we're ready. gonna start anyway ready or not. gotta make it all work. Doing a test boil saturday in the new shack on a never been fired evap with new pans. I could tap next week if it ran.
    Hate to see a lot of the older knowledgeable guys not around because without this site I'd be lost. Glad for the ones who've stayed around and comment.
    About 80 taps and a sapsucker.
    A wife who doesn't shop and lets me buy Maple stuff

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    Most of the oldtimers are still watching, and will respond to a private message.

    Mark 220 Maple
    1100 taps on low vaccum, 900 on gravity.
    900 plus taps leased and on high vacuum
    35 cfm Indiana Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
    80% Sugar, 20% Red MAPLES

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    Default I am here

    Don't have much time to poke at the computer. Putting in new wet line ,adding 200 more taps ,upgrading the vacuum,moving the pump house ,moving the 2800 gallon tank, p/u the new 1000 gallon bulk tank and set it up, rebuild the AOF,deal with the mud,hope for cold weather and then some snow.Before we know it its time to tap .what fun !!!!!
    We started with 50 pails,cooking outside. We have progressed upwards to 1700 + taps on pipe line with vacuum.Cooking on a 4x12 with auf/aof . This year we added a wetline and vacuum booster, also updated to Busch mink vacuum pump. New for 2015 will be a Leader Extreme 2 R/O as well as buying sap from some of the locals.

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    I'm still here! Actually, I'm a user on both the Trader and the newer maple website. Both are very good. However, since Mapletrader is the original and been around longer, there are years and years worth of old posts with valuable information and photos in them. I'm allways going through old posts for information, helpfull observations and suggestions. The other site does'nt have the same size "library". There are a lot of guys who are users here but their not on the other one, and vise-versa. Register for both of them and use both of them. Compared to the hundreds of websites some other hobbies/industries have, we are very fortunate to have these two resources!

    2014 Upgrades!: 24x40 sugarhouse & 30"x10' Lapierre welded pans, wood fired w/ forced draft, homemade hood & preheater
    400 taps- half on gravity 5/16, half on gravity 3/16
    Airablo R.O. machine - in the house basement!
    Ford F-350 4x4 sap gatherer
    An assortment of barrels, cage tanks & bulk tanks- with one operational for cooling/holding concentrate
    And a few puzzled neighbors...


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    Hudson, New Hamshire


    Still working on my addtion to my barn. New pan not yet finished would be in trouble if the sap started to run. Thanks for the info on the new site. I will always be thankful for the Maple Guys providing us with this wonderful site. Happy New Year
    Lavoie's Sugar Shack
    130 taps
    Homemade rear fired oil evaporator
    oil tank evaporator
    Home made stainless steel flue pan
    Homemade R O
    addition on barn for sugaring
    2 children who love hauling sap
    golden retriever who love syrup
    Barry the helpful neighbor who loves bottling
    Good wife who likes to think she finances this insane hobby

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    GramaCindy -- I was wondering the same thing - Where the heck is everyone.... I followed Your advice and went to the Link You have Posted - and like magic --- There are most of the Mapletrader Guys and Gals --- However -- I did everything they required and kept getting rejected -- Except they has a French word atarting with f and I don't have a French keyboard so impossible for me to type the word they require --- So Far - this site is not at all User Friendly like mapletrader.com and am a bit disgusted with it -------At least I know where everyone is --LOL--even if I can't get there.....Thanks Cindy ----Mike/Ausable..
    Quote Originally Posted by GramaCindy View Post
    Hey bowtie, several of us have been hanging out on a new Maple site http://www.sugarbush.info/forums/index.php

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