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Thread: Maple nuts for beginners

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    I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in this thread. Just made a batch of maple almonds, and WOW are they good. And so easy! These will make great little gift bags.

    Thanks again!
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    Much appreciated replies. Thanks.

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    Great thread.. saw it yesterday and had to make up some maple cashews today. Love the aroma as the maple syrup is approaching the 240 mark.

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    Yeah, it's a great way to get that special maple smell back in the house in the off season. I'll add a tip for anyone who is making a variety of nuts. I make my first batch with a hard nut like an almond, then I'll make the meatier/softer nuts. The first batch takes a little longer to crystalize and the nuts take a bit of a beating. After that, the mixing bowl seems to be primed and the taffy crystalizes faster, so it takes less stirring, so the nuts don't break up as much. I've found when I start with a pecan or walnut first, I ended up stirring longer and breaking more nuts into pieces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocsMapleSyrup View Post
    Can maple nuts be frozen? If left at room temperature, is there a shelf life to candied nuts? Will they mold in a platic bag? With Christmas coming up, I'm thinking about gifts but it would be nice if I could get those ready ahead of Christmas.
    Yes they can be frozen. I've frozen them and when I want some I just pull some out of the freezer and eat them right from the freezer. Don't have to defrost them.
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