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Thread: Grubs in firewood i just split

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    Default Grubs in firewood i just split

    What are the the big grubs things in my pine firewood and how do i get rid of them..........other than just burning the wood. **** things will have half of it turned to sawdust by march.
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    They don't do all that much damage for me.When you split the pine they sort of disappear.
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    They are called pine boarers, they make alot of noise too, harmless.
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    We have the northeastern sawyer here. Big ugly guys! I made a bench out of a pine log and there was several holes bored thru it. The holes were about 5/16" round.
    At 1st I wasn't sure what did it. Then one day on the side out popped one of those big nasty looking beetle. They do kind of resemble the asian longhorn beetle but I knew the ALB does not eat pine. So I did my search and found the northeastern sawyer.
    They are a very good beetle to have around. They will only eat dead or dying pine.

    You know you have them in your wood pile by little piles of sawdust. And like others said they make on heck of a noise when they are chewing on the pine.
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    After splitting they die or leave as the wood dries, they need moisture to survive. I have some overhead shelving in my sugarhouse made from spruce they went thru. Looks funny but the 2x4's made from it still has enough strength to hold my jug storage totes and a little more.
    The air holes they make will help you get a hotter fire in the evaporator, it's just the sawdust that is the problem.
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    Throw them on a hook, you'll be surprised. Most of the time our chickens get to them first.
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    Yup, I noticed them in my pine as well. hundreds of them. can hear them chewing in there as well. seems like they come from nowhere. but once split, they split!
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    I was at Randy's last week doing some wiring and I could here stuff coming from his wood, looked around but didnt see anything
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flat Lander Sugaring View Post
    I was at Randy's last week doing some wiring and I could here stuff coming from his wood, looked around but didnt see anything
    Flatlander, I assume you must be an electrician? If so, pm me, I need my sugarhouse wired. I know how, but no time due to an overload of landscaping this year, I am barely keeping up.
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    The chickens love em!!! If the there are a bunch which there are alot of smaller ones just under the bark right now, then I collect them up and feed them to my ladies they love it!!!
    may your sap be at 3%

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