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Thread: Big Snow Warning!

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    Exclamation Big Snow Warning!

    A foot of snow is forecasted for northeast ohio!
    after all the rain we have had I still have a few inches of snow in the woods and we are about to add another foot to that. shure beats 70* and sunny like last year. anyway had a good run yesterday with 1400 gal from the tubing and 400 gal from the buckets. sugar dropped back to 1.5% again. will be up to 94 gal. tomorrow when done boiling. the wood supply is starting to dwindle down to 5 cord but I think we are half done at this point 15 day has another cold snap for the 20th after this coming weeks warm up. so far couldnt ask for a better year
    610 taps on vac system,200 buckets 3x12 small bros raised flue
    custom built aof gassification arch called the "cyclone"
    1984 zetor 6045 4x4 tractor
    cub cadet 4x4 utv
    lots of old mm tractors
    8640 john deere tractor (serious sap hauler)

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    Next weeks forecast looks pretty good. Gathered another 150 Gallons tonight. Should be done boiling down the 450 plus the 150 Gallons we collected tonight by tomorrow evening. Waiting for the big snow now!
    12X16 Sugarhouse and 16x24 attached woodshed
    900 taps 655 on tubing/Liquid ring vacuum pump
    120 3/16 tubing
    Leader 2X8 Reverse oil fired, Revolution Pans & Steam a way
    Lapierre Turbo 2000 600 GPH RO
    Leader Clear frame filter press
    John Deere Gator 6X4
    Indy 500 and a very large sled.
    Kubota M8200

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