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Tanta K
02-10-2014, 08:49 PM
Hey Guys & Gals...this is Kirsten from Hamden...we're teaching sugaring at Brooksvale again (close to 1000 kids and adults this year) and plan to have our Open House on March 8. Since we don't make much syrup (7 gallons or so) we sell out of our token 1/2 pints within an hour or two. Last year we sold syrup for our fellow sugarmakers in Bethany and Cheshire. If you are close and want to sell a few dozen smallish bottles of syrup...we "sell" our adoring fans on supporting the local sugar makers and most will buy "other" syrup when ours runs out. I'm talking nothing more than a $10 bottle of syrup as we get a lot of families attending this and on tight budgets. We will keep track of it well, return what we can't sell and promise to tell people the truth...that you worked long and hard to make it and it is the BEST ever. Other than mine of course. :) Drop me a note at staff@brooksvale.org and put my name in the subject line if interested. Thanks and have a sweet week!

Tanta K
03-02-2014, 06:47 AM
From what I can see with frozen sap all week long...no one has extra syrup to sell at our open house this coming Saturday. So...we will give a lesson to the adoring public clamoring for our syrup about nature's cycle and the supply and demand issue.

If you know someone who wants to learn about sugaring, especially teachers who are trying valiantly to connect kids to the outdoors, this program is a great one. We teach everything from the history (including showing a hollowed out log and telling Native American Tales) to a brief overview of plastics used today.

brooksvale.org or find the facebook page...

Have a sweet week!
Tanta Kirsten
Brooksvale Park Sugar Shack